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Workshops & Trainings

I am so fired up that Baron Baptiste is coming to our area! He will be in Charleston for a one-day program called an All Day Immersion on Saturday, March 23, 2013. The event is 9am-8pm and is an ALL-LEVELS, really fun day of yoga with Baron. I was on the assisting team for the ADI in New York this January, and making plans to go to Charleston as a participant. This program will LIGHT YOU UP and will be a great way to build our Baptiste community in Greensboro.

Baron only does a few events a year like this which are not teacher trainings, not master classes, but truly a low-pressure, challenging, fun, interesting day of learning and growing in your yoga practice. Did I mention that this is ALL-LEVELS?? Do not be intimidated. You are ready now!! I would LOVE to get a crew together to drive down. Let me know if you are interested and we can chat more, or find the site below for details.


*December 2-4th, 2012 - 3 DAY YOGA & JUICE CLEANSE! Details here:

3 Day Yoga & Juice Cleanse Show up for the Holidays LIGHTER and BRIGHTER!

Join us at Stillwaters Retreat for a 3-Day Program of Power Yoga with Libby Ramsey, Holistic Health & Lifestyle coaching with Allison Donovan, and a fresh, cold-pressed juice cleanse provided by Viva Raw (Charlotte, NC).This will be a huge transformational experience for body, mind, and soul. It will be challenging, educational, and a really fun experience with a great group of people. Don't Miss the Opportunity - you are ready for this NOW!

The Program: Saturday, December 1st 8pm pick up your juice from Stillwaters

Sunday, December 2nd 1:30-3:30pm group yoga practice and meeting

Monday, December 3rd 8-9pm group yoga practice

Tuesday, December 4th 6-8pm group yoga practice and meeting

Why Cleanse with Juice?

‧Increase your energy, boost your mood, and clarify your mind
‧Boost your immune system in time to fight off the flu
‧Shed excess weight before the Holidays
‧Rid your body of harmful toxins and give your body a break as you support its natural cleansing process

Why Cleanse with Yoga?
‧Assist the natural detoxification process with movement, breath, and body heat
‧Stimulate and invigorate the the body and mind
‧Explore what is coming up for you physical and mentally with the juice cleanse - eliminate mental blocks ‧Experience the support and fun of embarking on this with an experienced teacher and awesome people


Good ($100 + price of Juice)
Receive 3 power yoga sessions, 2 group support meetings, and health coaching email support

Better ($150 + price of Juice)
Receive all of the“Good”package PLUS a personalized (1 hr) health coaching session and grocery tour

Best ($220 + price of Juice)
Receive all of the“Better”package PLUS a 1 hr detox massage with Lizzie

3 Day Juice Supply from Viva Raw:Charlotte ($130) *Juice is ordered through Viva Raw. Details upon registration*


Sign up today, space is limited! Call Stillwaters to reserve your spot

336-286-8489 Questions? yogabylibby@gmail.com allison@diaitahealthcoaching.com

*All-Day Immersion with Baron Baptiste in New York City - I am so thrilled to have been selected to be on the assisting team with Baron for this amazing day. JOIN US! Go to www.baronbaptiste.com, click on programs, to register.

*Bring a Man to Yoga - I created this class at Epic Yoga in Nashville and it was great fun! An hour of all-levels yoga followed by a cold beer and camaraderie.

*40 Days to Personal Revolution - This program, designed by my teacher, Baron Baptiste, is completely transformational! As a group we commit to practicing an hour of Baptiste power yoga 6 days a week for 40 days, eating the healthful, balanced diet outlined in the program for 40 days, culminating in a 3-day fruit fast, thoughtfully reading the 40 Days to Personal Revolution book throughout the program, and participating in group discussion/emails throughout the program to discuss what is coming up for you. Develop a long, lean, healthy physical body; learn and cultivate a strong power yoga practice; understand how to fuel your body; clear away the negative effects of stress; rejuvenate the mind and body.

*360 JUNIOR GOLF - The goal of 360 Junior Golf is threefold: to improve the overall skill set of a junior golfer, guide the player through the junior tournament landscape, and provide a college counseling program that enables families to make a more educated decision on college selection and golf scholarship offers. 360 Junior golf is geared towards identifying an individual's golfing needs then providing an integrated training model to meet those specific needs. Power yoga is included as an integral part of the athletes' training program.

*QUEEN CITY STARS LACROSSE TEAM - Each athlete selected to a Queen City team is an exceptional lacrosse player and, therefore, the coaches treat these teams exceptionally. Our goal is to make the athletes better lacrosse players – improve individual and team skill, improve their knowledge and sense of the game and improve their confidence in what they already do well and confidence in knowing that they will succeed as they develop new skill sets. As a result, it is our job to frame the groundwork for their success, expand their talent and provide exceptional opportunities to showcase that talent. Power yoga was included as an integral part of the athletes' training program.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Baptiste All Day Immersion - January 2012

This is how BIG Baptiste Power Yoga is.....so much potential here in Greensboro!  This is the picture of our room for the program I assisted last weekend in NYC - 289 people, all levels, teachers and newbies, men and women, ages 16-69 (a fact!), plus our team of 15 assistants, and Baron Baptiste himself.  So amazing, I hope you all get to do this one day!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

December Detox - Dec. 11-13, 2011 Sign up now!

Show up LIGHTER & BRIGHTER this holiday season!

Join us for a 3 Day Program of Yoga with Libby Ramsey, Certified Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga Instructor, and a Juice Cleanse Plan designed by Christian Henderson, Nutritionist and Registered Dietitian, New York, NY.

The Program:

Saturday, Dec. 10th
Pick up your juices

Sunday, Dec. 11th
1:30-3:30pm group yoga practice and meeting

Monday, Dec. 12th
9:30-10:30am Power Flow Class
7-8pm Restorative Practice

Tuesday, Dec. 13th
7-9pm final group yoga practice and wrap-up

Wednesday, Dec. 14th & beyond…
Ease your way back into “real life” with clarity and empowerment in mind and body for the holidays!

Why do a juice cleanse?

· Infuse your body with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and phytonutrients that are available for direct absorption.
· Rest your digestive system. Giving your body a break from food allows the freed up energy of digestion to go towards healing and detoxifying body.
· Reset and start with a clean slate.
· Break unhelpful/unhealthy habits. Sometimes a few days is all it takes to get you on your way to breaking habits that are not serving you.
· Jump start healthy eating, weight loss, and detoxification.
· Tap into blocked creative energy.

And why do this with yoga?

· Assist and deepen the natural detoxification process with movement and heat.
· Stimulate and invigorate the body with breath.
· Explore what is coming up for you physically and mentally through the process of the cleanse. Eliminate mental blocks.
· Experience the support and fun of embarking on this adventure with an amazing group of people!

Cost: $169 ($149 if you have a class package at Epic Yoga) includes cold-pressed, organic juice program from local company The Juice Nashville (6 juices a day for 3 days), nutritionist guidance including pre-and post-cleanse recommendations, and all 4 yoga classes.

Email me for more information and to reserve your spot and your juice!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Every Day Yoga - Every Day!

My yoga practice was turned upside down when I became a mom. I learned quickly that there is not much better for my parenting than a regular yoga practice, and yet a regularly scheduled studio practice has become a fleeting memory. Gone are the days of hanging out at YogaOne 5-6 days a week, that’s for sure! My effort to make lemons from lemonade, though, have pushed me to get creative and committed to a strong at-home practice and getting to the studio (teaching class doesn’t count although I do reap so many benefits from connecting to my students and sharing in their practice). Here are my 3 best ways to make it happen at home!
*Early Bird Special. Set the alarm for at least 20 minutes early. Jump in the shower to warm up and wake up, then roll out the mat on the bedroom floor. Sounds silly, but as soon as you leave the sanctuary of your bedroom the day begins – for the early bird mini-practice to work for me I need to stay put….then embark on waking up the mind and body for the day before you open that door! I usually chose 3 categories of the Baptiste Journey Into Power sequence and go for it - enough to get the heart pumping but not break a sweat to counter that sweet shower you just took.
*Naptime Mat Time. Kiddos down for nap, roll out the mat immediately. This is key – moving right to the laptop to check emails, return that quick phone call, or watch last night’s Gossip Girl you are dying to watch on DVR and next thing you know the rascals are awake and you’ve lost your moment!
* Sun Salutations for Breakfast. I have to credit my friend and fellow teacher Jessalynn for this one. 5 Sun A’s and 5 Sun B’s while the baby is in the high chair eating breakfast! No need for a mat, a hard kitchen floor is just fine for some chaturangas.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Winter Golf Fitness

It is cold, grey, and dreary in Nashville AGAIN today. What are you doing to stay in shape and improve your game (whatever you game!) for the spring? Power Yoga, people!

Winter golf fitness - golf instruction - golf tips - Instruction - Golf.com

Friday, January 15, 2010

Finding my Center in Tennessee

I could have also entitled this post, "Holy jeez, what is happening." I just picked up and moved our family to a temporary corporate apartment in Brentwood, TN for Rick's job. My baby chose this moving week to start crawling, pulling up, sprouting another tooth, and changing his nap times. My dog is revolting against the tiny apartment and being walked on a leash instead of running free. And I'm going nuts trying to work, take care of us, and find some sanity.

I went to my first yoga class in TN yesterday, a nice class at the YMCA (the Y's here, by the way, are the nicest ones I've seen anywhere. And we thought the ones in NC were good!). By "nice class" I mean it was slow as molasses, no flow, and not challenging - just not a good fit for my style. However the teacher was experienced and thoughtful, and the class was full of people who, it was clear, loved this class and came regularly. The gentleman next to whom I placed my mat said, "have you been to Joe's class before? It's great - he doesn't push you very hard." Eesh.

With this great departure from what I know and expect and love in my yoga practice, I really had to focus to find my intention and purpose for that hour. "You need yoga today, whatever form it comes in physically," I told myself. In doing so, I realized this was so applicable to my life which has been turned upside down this week. With SO much else going on around us, I needed to just breathe through it, and find my center, and be confident that I have absolutely everything that I need at my core. Everything else can just buzz around me, and as I am centered, so my day will go. So throughout this class that was super-boring physically to me, I had this awesome mental breakthrough that helped me get perspective on where I am. My life - this week or any other week - is not about where I'm living, or how I'm walking the dog, or how much or when my son naps. I have everything I need, all this power to be positive, lighthearted, and open to new possibilities, at my core. It lives in me, not in our tiny, temporary, 3rd floor walk-up digs!

Baron said many times at Teacher Training that we CHOOSE how to be, we CHOOSE how to live our lives, we CHOOSE to let things define us (or not). This whole week I had been letting myself choose to be mad, annoyed, frustrated! And it was getting me nowhere. Time to let it go, YEAH! What a great feeling. I've opened up all of this new space to find the blessings in our new situation. Time to be "up to something" in Nashville, y'all....

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

No, not Christmas season...marathon season! I'm not running a long one this Fall, but I sure am nostalgic for one. The November issue of Runners World always has a marathon countdown and lots of tips and inspirations for race day. I'm nostalgic to be one of "them", to have this month's issue be the one that I looked forward to as I tapered towards my race and made my strategic plan of what to eat, what to wear, when to push it, when to save my energy, where to place my family on the route. I'm nostalgic for taking on a challenge which leads strangers, co-workers, and family members to think that I have a screw loose. I crave pushing myself beyond my limits, even having run this same distance before, to find the euphoric pain, relief, and thrill at the finish line. I will miss the cameraderie with 35,000 total strangers at the starting line, everyone coming to the peak of their training together. I even yearn to have to walk down stairs backwards for 5 days afterwards, and be pleased that I pushed myself that hard. I'll do it again...soon!

I love yoga for the peace and grace that you find as you build and strengthen your body; I love team sports for the trust and reliance on others, the movement as a group towards a common goal, the exhiliration that comes from working together and, sometimes, being the best. And I love racing for the completely solitary challenge that you find, with no one to rely on but yourself, your mind and your legs. So this Fall is my yoga season, a season to push myself in my yoga practice and take that passion to the next level. Alas, this year is not my marathon season. But all of these passions will always be there for me, ready to be tapped for their turn to take center stage. See you a year from next weekend in New York City, perhaps?